Build people into your workplace

Helping senior leaders of medium-sized corporates to attract people back to the office

The office now competes with the commute

Which makes it harder to build engaging, productive workplaces

We partner with your architect or interior design team to deliver the workplace that attracts your people

Establish a clearer direction for the future than you thought possible

Workplace Strategy

Help your leadership team to decide the kind of workplace they want

Work Design

Reorganise communication and workflows to remove blockages to effective hybrid work

Change Management

Bring your people on the workplace journey with specialist change support

  • Case for change
  • Executive alignment
  • Clear design requirements
  • Space management
  • Fit for purpose work patterns
  • Effective information flow
  • Social and behavioural alignment
  • Workplace satisfaction
  • Productivity and engagement

For architects

If you’re an architect with a workplace brief, these are the most common situations where we add value to your work:

We've been creating engaging, productive flexible workplaces for over a decade

Here's how we do it

Experienced Workplace Strategy

Workplace decisions aren’t always straightforward. Leaders can have a hard time agreeing. 

We guide leadership teams through to the point of shared decisions about workspaces and ways of working. We share the honest truth about your options. We then provide clear requirements and collaborate with your Property,  Architecture, Technology and People and Culture providers. 

This is how you can ensure you build a workplace that is future-ready.


Specialist Work Design

Modern, flexible ways of working create a complete shift in operating model. 

A number of systems and processes need to adapt. These include communication, meetings, workflows and information storage and access. 

We bring our deep understanding of communication and human behaviour in the workplace to help remove blocks to productivity and create sustainable ways of working.

Human-centred Change Management

Workplace change only really works when your people are on your side but change is notoriously difficult for most people. 

Our change management approach stands out from traditional methods: we get your people on board through respectful involvement and participation, not just information and comms. 

This is how you accelerate your workplace transformation and reduce project risk. 

Our commitment to you

Team alignment – Proven techniques, including mediation skills, bring people together, which boosts camaraderie and improves working relationships

Managed complexity – We don’t just draw on ten years of experience to roll out our favourite ‘playbook’, we establish pilots and trials to demonstrate what will work for you

Future-proofing – Because the workplace is changing, fast, we identify aspects of your space and ways of working that can be tweaked and adjusted post-move in

People-centred solutions – Cutting edge tools for human-centred design achieve far greater productivity and engagement

Your staff engaged – Our collaborative process brings in your staff members’ valued perspectives

How it works

We take your leadership team on a journey to understand your workplace, the nature of your business and the work your people do. 

We then bring your leadership team together around the observations and work through a process of decision-making, so that together they establish a decision that will stick.

We provide guidance to your architecture or interior design team and other functional areas as needed. 

Lastly we take your people on a workplace journey they feel committed to and aligned with.

1. Understand your situation

Apply for an Information Call to help us understand your situation and explain how we can help. 

2. Recommend an approach

We make verbal recommendations about how you could achieve your goals.  At your request we develop a proposal providing further detail on how we could help. 

3. Implement your plan

We work alongside you to implement the agreed plan. Clients work with us for anything from a few months to a year, depending on their workplace goals. 

Who we are

The Workspace Connection is a specialist Workplace Strategy and Change consultancy working with senior leaders who think further than just the next six months. 

We put people at the centre of workplace decisions.  We help executives and their teams to build spaces and ways of working that bring out people’s best.

You didn’t get where you are by messing with things like basic respect.  The best working relationships are founded on decency.  This is how we work too.

Our approach is informed by a deep understanding of human communication, flexible workplace design and the science of workplace behaviour.  We respect humans.