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It’s the ideas John West rejects that makes John West the best

I was talking with a business colleague today about ideas. We have ideas coming out of our ears and flowing off our fingertips almost constantly. When I led a larger team in the Australian Public Service, ideas still flowed freely, although the situation and ‘infrastructure’ of my organisation and my team’s ways of working were completely

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5 strategies to help your leadership team make better decisions

Here are five simple strategies most leadership teams can use for team decision making in non-crisis situations. Usually when a decision is put to a leadership team rather than an individual, it is either because a complex problem is at hand or because you need team buy-in to move forward. If you need team buy-in,

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Eliminate time-wasting tangents with these creative strategies

Have you ever been in a meeting when one of your colleagues began to drift off course, affecting the Workplace Experience for everyone? Tangents in meetings can be amusing or annoying at best. They can also be incredibly serious. The usual advice for leadership teams to eliminate tangents goes like this: “articulate a goal, clarify

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We lost our leader: the super-powers of self-managing teams

 If I ask you to envisage a team in any government, business or not-for-profit organisation, no doubt a leadership team will be part of the picture.  What would happen if that leadership team walked away from the team and left team members to their own devices?  You’d expect chaos, frustration and paralysis.  And yet thousands

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The good and the bad of virtual teams

Updated 20 July 2020  Hybrid workplaces are on the rise but they divide people. Some leadership teams love them and others hate them.  Savvy business owners ought to ask themselves: “What’s in it for me?”, now that web-based videoconferencing, shared screens and cloud-based software have made virtual teams so ‘easy’. They are changing the Workplace

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