A tool for workplace decision-makers

Next event: Wednesday 7 September, 12pm NZST

Making the office the centre of your workplace culture

The challenges of managing a hybrid workplace can be quite demanding. Property and Facilities decisions are increasingly dependent on decisions about ways of working. Not to mention that being a leader in this environment is vastly different to when people were mostly in the office and easier to reach. 

We make hybrid easier for you in this monthly discussion. We choose at least one tool that will be useful to you as a workplace decision-maker, and show you how to use it.

In September, we will review the role of the office and its role in building workplace culture. We will discuss how you should view the office now and share one tool you can use to make the office the centre of your workplace culture. 

This free discussion happens the first Wednesday of each month at 12pm – 12:35pm NZST and is led by Nina Fountain.

Which tools have been discussed to date?

Five questions to improve the quality of information flow at meetings | Four principles to guide the balance of home and work time | A way to start a meeting that helps people connect | How to use the last moments of a meeting to sign off | An interesting way to start a conversation about introversion/ extroversion | Ways to declare a meeting-free day | Work activities that are best suited to the office | Hybrid meeting best practices 

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