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Achieve instant change in hybrid teams with Neil Calvert

Most leaders of hybrid workplaces don’t realise the inefficiencies created by hybrid, which are the reason project timelines stretch out, teams become siloed and frustration levels climb. Neil Calvert takes a fantastically useful approach to helping organisations change their systems and processes, including the way hybrid teams communicate and manage their information. I thoroughly enjoyed

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Five emerging traps for hybrid workplaces with Cris Popp

Cris is an advisor and culture consultant for hybrid workplaces. He’s done everything from establish an Australian-based biotech firm, to work as an ABC journalist and somehow acquired seven postgraduate qualifications along the way, in everything from e-commerce and business to the arts. Cris specialises in talent development for leaders of hybrid teams, supported

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Human Centred Design with James Dellow

James Dellow helps all kinds of businesses create human-centred workplaces. He has an interest in what happens when we don’t keep track of the knowledge we’re creating, using, adapting and working with in our organisations, and sees a particular issue with this in the hybrid world. One issue is about how people learn, and

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High performing teams and resilience with Stew Darling

Stew Darling was inspired by his experience in the military to focus on what makes people resilient – the first six weeks of his military training was designed to break people down. Stew sees a level of anxiety in today’s workplaces that is unhealthy. In that context, Stew talked about the interesting link between

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Meeting Overload with Nina Fountain

I stepped into the hot seat for this podcast to address an issue that many workplace leaders are living, day to day, week to week, and endless month after endless month at the moment. The trudgery of far too many meetings. It seems important to do better for ourselves and our teams. We’ve heard

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Workplace personas with Jessica Hall

Managing a workplace these days can be downright confusing. Hybrid requires a delicate balance between needs and wants at three levels – the organisation, the team and the individual. Perhaps the most complex is the individual. Anyone who has ever had a confusing conversation with a colleague, or found themselves caught up in a

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The future of hybrid workplaces with Anna Hill

Interior designers are not just glorified cushion shoppers. We bust this myth and find out how Anna Hill manages the design process for her corporate workplace clients. Anna is the Principal Interior Design Lead at well-known New Zealand architecture firm Jasmax. Anna shares the emerging post-pandemic trends in workspace design to give listeners a clear idea

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