We are a specialist Workplace Strategy and Change consultancy
Nina Fountain
Founder and Workplace Strategy and Change Consultant

Our story

The Workspace Connection was founded by Nina Fountain, a leading Workplace Strategist and recognised expert in flexible modern workplaces. 

Nina pioneered flexible workplace thinking in Australia and New Zealand – her published guidance on flexible workplace systems was adopted by both the Australian and NZ governments. Nina also led the strategy and implementation unit that doubled the number of people working from home in Australia.

Nina worked first as a health scientist, utilising her Honours degree in Communication Sciences. She then moved on to leadership in the Australian Public Services before establishing The Workspace Connection. 

Nina and The Workspace Connection team now lead and advise senior workplace leaders on the workplace model that will best suit their business. They also align employees and their staff with the new workplace model.

Clients of The Workspace Connection are mainly medium-to-large employers in the private sector.

Nina and her team want to create the conditions for great work. They are motivated by the power of workplaces to bring out peoples’ best.

Our approach is strategic, business-aware and human-centred

The Workplace Makers podcast is about people building workplaces that attract a crowd – the people creating workplaces we aspire to. It’s about achieving the ultimate win – a workplace people are drawn to, wherever they work from. 

We talk with people turning the workplace into a powerful business tool for growth and discover how we can remove limitations, to enable people to be their best through workplace innovation and design.

Our clients are usually based in
New Zealand or Australia