We can help your workplace enable growth, rather than stifle it

Workplace Strategy Consulting

The data are telling you there is money to be saved, but you want to make decisions that will work for the future. 

Our Workplace Strategy consulting helps you ensure you set up your workplace as a growth enabler.


Change Management

Have people in your office who are grateful for the difference you made. 

Your organisation’s uniqueness is important to us, never more than in your workplace change journey. 

How it works

1. Understand your situation

Firstly we need to understand your goals and status quo – your current situation. Apply for an Information Call to have this short conversation. 

2. Recommend an approach

We make recommendations about how you could achieve your goals. At your request we develop a proposal providing further detail on how we could help. 

3. Implement your plan

We work alongside you to implement the agreed plan. Clients usually work with us for a few months, up to a year.

Workplace Strategy Consulting

These may be your questions:

  • “How much space do we need?”
  • “How should our people work going forward?”
  • “What should our workspace offer our people?”
  • “How can we design our workplace to be attractive to our existing and new staff?”
  • “What guardrails should we put around our ways of working, to be most productive?”

Our consulting work achieves these results

  • Workplace models that are future-fit
  • Design requirements for workspace designs that will enable productive human behaviour
  • Optimised, adjusted and supported ways of working, whether office-oriented, flexible, hybrid or remote


  • Occupancy studies – This is a review of your space and how people use it across an average week
  • Workforce discovery – We understand the motivations, preferences and teamwork patterns that shape workspace behaviour
  • Workspace analytics – Our work informs your space requirements by anticipating the behaviours of your building occupants
  • Vision setting – We work with your executive team to establish the best parameters for your workspace design and your ways of working
  • Leadership alignment – We facilitate clear understanding and decision-making by your executive team


  • Design requirements – We provide your Architecture or Interior Design provider with design requirements that deliver your vision
  • Workplace Strategy documentation – We write a clear description of your future state, which provides direction to your change team and business functions.

Change Management

You might be looking for these change outcomes:

  • Productivity improvements
  • Engagement, including commitment to the business
  • Wellbeing improved and stress reduced
  • Overall workplace satisfaction improved
We find traditional change models to be too slow and  ineffective for workplace change. Our change work achieves boosts of at least 10% and up to 23% on each of these measures, often within a few months. 

Change leadership

  • Clarification of the future state – Our Workplace Strategy process designs your future state, or co-designs it with you if you prefer
  • Capability building – A dynamic workplace model requires everyone from the Facilities through to the HR teams to change the way they support the workplace. We develop their capability to deliver the ongoing support that will embed your new way of working.
  • Influencing and alignment – We work with key stakeholders to help get sufficient alignment that your workplace change shouldn’t ‘snap back’ after a few months

Change support

  • Change management – We can design and deliver your change activities, from communications plans through to training workshops
  • Advice – We plug the gap between the specialist knowledge required to successfully deliver a hybrid workplace and generalist capabilities