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We work closely with our clients to achieve the Property and People results that matter most

Examples of our work

Top-tier law firm

  • Partners required an understanding of the current Workplace Experience to inform their decision about workplace location and/or interior design
  • Conducted focus groups and administered a tailored workplace survey
  • Partners established a clear direction based on the findings

Large multinational finance company - local offices

  • Full change and communications plan and delivery
  • Workspace management process
  • Co-location of two sites and transition to modified Activity-Based Working

Large government employer

  • Implemented Activity Based Working and flexible work
  • Turned the office into a dynamic collaborative hub
  • Workstations reduced by 35%

Medium-sized employer

  • Discovery and engagement with staff and middle-tier leaders
  • Brought divided Executive Leadership Team to agreement
  • Workplace Strategy included clear interior design requirements

Local office of large employer

  • Implemented Activity Based Working with a human-centred change approach
  • Workplace satisfaction increased by12%
  • Wellbeing increased by 19%

Branch consisting of local and distributed teams

  • Implemented agile working practices and flexible work practices
  • Engagement increased by 13%
  • Job satisfaction increased by 15%

Large employer

  • Established programme-level roadmap for transition to Activity-Based Working
  • Identified key issues for Steering Committee 
  • Established space planning guidelines for Architect partner

Admin team of local health service

  • Change discovery and advice
  • Manager capability workshops
  • Effective transition to Activity-Based Working

Speaking engagements

  • Two-day training to senior HR leaders on the roadmap to building safe and productive hybrid workplaces
  • Feature presentation to large Architecture and Design practice on effective remote communication
  • Chair, Flexible and Agile Working Summit

Engagements with us range from one-off strategic advice through to end-to-end Workplace Strategy and change.