We relieve the stress of a badly-done workplace

We work with visionary leaders with responsibility for 250 people or more, to create workplaces that inspire their people to do their best work.

High performance gets results

Our clients want a high-performing workplace. They want incredible results because they know everyone benefits from high performance – money flows through the door, clients and stakeholders are satisfied and the longevity of the organisation is more firmly established.

The hybrid workplace challenge

Yet COVID has made things really hard for workplace leaders. 


People naturally want more flexibility. That seems fair. According to Microsoft’s Work Trend Index, over 70 percent of workers want flexible remote work options to continue. And yet the current flexibility is putting pressure on productivity and team culture. Over 65 percent of people are craving more in-person time with their teams. 


Working from home has its benefits and challenges. Harvard Business Review recently noted that: “Working from home can boost energy, but it can also be isolating, in a way that hinders cooperation…It can also introduce constant communications and interruptions that disrupt focus.”


Meanwhile, leaders are seeing rows and rows of empty desks, just shouting out “This is a waste of money” and causing leaders to question whether they really need the burden of significant lease costs. 

Add into the mix the fact that there are examples of flexible workplace transformations that have delivered massive value to the organisation and others that have gone exceptionally badly and undermined the organisation’s culture.

The leadership dilemma

All of this leaves workplace leaders with a dilemma. Do you enable flexibility but continue to struggle with the team culture issues? How long will it be before these issues take root as major performance challenges? So do you force people back into the office as the alternative? What are the culture issues if you do that? Or is there another option? And what is right for your organisation?

The new modern workplace

As the Founder of Transformed Teams, I have specialised in creating flexible, modern workplaces for the last eight years. I have always had an interest in the future of work. Until about 2018 I was a ‘Flexible and Remote Work Consultant’. In that role I established respected guidance that supports workplace leaders to establish flexible workplaces and is the leading framework. After establishing the guidance, I worked with organisations large and small to successfully solve their remote and flexible work challenges. 

Now, as a Workplace Strategist, I take executive leaders and their teams through a process that establishes the right workplace settings for their organisation, to design a workplace that works for what they want to achieve. I guide the organisation or group through discovery, vision-setting and development. We put people at the centre of the discussion.

Effective modern workplace leadership

The Transformed Teams approach is comprehensive, recognising that a new, flexible operating model is created as a system, not by just two people (a leader and their team member, which is how it was seen through most of the last decade). 

Importantly, if flexibility doesn’t work for your people, it doesn’t work at all. With this approach, we help workplace leaders to minimise costs and maximise productivity and team culture, while still offering a flexible workplace. They are able to overcome the uncertainty of hybrid working and come out on top. Importantly, they avoid the stress of a badly done workplace transformation. 

If you have a leadership role in a medium-to-large organisation or business and an interest in establishing a solid future for your workplace, let’s talk. Schedule an Information Call today to find out more.

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