High performing teams and resilience with Stew Darling

Stew Darling was inspired by his experience in the military to focus on what makes people resilient – the first six weeks of his military training was designed to break people down.

Stew sees a level of anxiety in today’s workplaces that is unhealthy. In that context, Stew talked about the interesting link between focus and resilience.

While many of us think that resilience is toughening up, it’s not that at all. 

Another surprising element to the conversation was the role of communication in the modern workplace, and how that is affecting wellbeing and resilience. 

Meanwhile, there could be many listeners who don’t realise they have a resilience issue. 

Have a listen to Stew the Scotsman and enjoy a free and frank discussion about the state of resilience in the modern workplace. 

“If we’re always doing, then we can’t be. And when we are being, we can create genius.” Stew Darling

Key moments

1:30 – Military turned resilience coach

4:22 – Has our resilience been challenged?

7:05 – How our society and mental health attributes to resilience

9:28 – What the biggest challenge you’ve been taught is

11:39 – The space where genius exists

14:22 – Encouraging innovation with cake

17:00 – The importance of managing devices and technology for communication

19:44 – Finding flexibility in rigidity

25:05 – The Rediscovering Resilience Framework

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Resources mentioned in the show

Hyperfocus by Chris Bailey 
Stew’s resilience resources

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