Workplace personas with Jessica Hall

Managing a workplace these days can be downright confusing. Hybrid requires a delicate balance between needs and wants at three levels – the organisation, the team and the individual. 

Perhaps the most complex is the individual. Anyone who has ever had a confusing conversation with a colleague, or found themselves caught up in a misunderstanding at work, knows just how complex people can be. 

This makes it worth asking the question, how do we strike the right balance of needs? 

Part of the answer is in first understanding what those needs and wants are. In the hybrid world, we’re not very good at doing that using traditional tools. We’re not even particularly well accustomed with understanding the key, distinguishing elements of the Workplace Experience. 

If we could understand how people respond to the unique demands of the hybrid work model and how their preferences line up with the organisation’s approach, we could better meet their needs at work, and improve their workplace satisfaction and engagement. 

Jessica Hall is the creator and Head of worksona™️, a workplace personas tool. She is uniquely positioned to talk to the potential for a more robust understanding of workplace behaviour. 

I thoroughly enjoyed finding out why worksona™️ is the tool of choice for employers wanting to create a positive hybrid Workplace Experience. 

“The key to hybrid working is trying to find this delicate balance between individual preferences and what’s best for the team, what’s best for the clients and the organisation.” Jessica Hall

Key moments

2:03 – How Jessica got into organisational psychology

3:14 – How people understand organisational psychology

4:52 – The worksona™️ workplace personas tool

6:36 – What personas are used for

8:20 – The 5 workplace personas

18:40 – How personas play out in organisations

20:33 – What drives persona composition changes?

23:10 – Provisions that should be made for different personas in the same workplace

26:05 – Getting the balance right for hybrid workplaces

31:49 – What is at stake when a workplace doesn’t work with individual preferences

Connect with Jessica

On LinkedIn and find out more about Bendelta’s worksona™️ suite

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