Five emerging traps for hybrid workplaces with Cris Popp

Cris is an advisor and culture consultant for hybrid workplaces.  He’s done everything from establish an Australian-based biotech firm, to work as an ABC journalist and somehow acquired seven postgraduate qualifications along the way, in everything from e-commerce and business to the arts. 

Cris specialises in talent development for leaders of hybrid teams, supported by his own experience of leading and working with teams all over the world. He said rather than ‘writing the book as he went’, his learning in the early days was more desperate than that – he did whatever would work. 

On the podcast we talk about why leaders of hybrid teams need to rely less on charisma. We learn about Cris’s first attempt to give his remote team colleague a Christmas bonus and the creative way he went about it. We hear how Cris sees leaders needing to manage areas like discipline, their camera/ screen and their sound. 

Above all, Cris explains the five emerging traps for hybrid workplaces. These were spot on and are as follows: 

  1. Creeping unfairness – people are around 60% more likely to take sick leave when they perceive their workplace to be unfair. 
  2. Flexibility as a right
  3. Meetings becoming worse
  4. Siloed teams
  5. Hybrid hesitancy

Chatting with Cris was an insightful journey into the unique set of skills needed by hybrid leaders. He has generously shared the five traps as a detailed resource – see below. 

I highly recommend having a listen or reading Cris’s resources to learn from his solid knowledge base in this critical area of hybrid team leadership.

– Nina

“After two and a half years we’re seeing that the bonds within teams are strong. The bonds between teams are breaking down a bit.” Cris Popp

Key moments

1:35 – How Cris’s journey shaped him into a forerunner in peak performing workplaces

8:36 – Cris’s ‘Aha’ moment for improving hybrid work training

10:49 – The gap for leaders when it comes to monitored vs autonomous working

19:54 – The Delphi method for fair meetings

20:52 – How hybrid affects team and workplace bonds

24:00 – The differences exacerbated by hybrid

34:11 – The variance in your team

Listen to the full podcast for all five leadership mistakes :)

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Resources mentioned in the show

Discover the Delphi Method for fair hybrid meetings

Download ‘Five Emerging Traps for Hybrid Workplaces‘ as a freebie from Cris’s website

Self determination theory by Richard Ryan

Cris’s coconut and tomato curry

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