Achieve instant change in hybrid teams with Neil Calvert

Most leaders of hybrid workplaces don’t realise the inefficiencies created by hybrid, which are the reason project timelines stretch out, teams become siloed and frustration levels climb. Neil Calvert takes a fantastically useful approach to helping organisations change their systems and processes, including the way hybrid teams communicate and manage their information. 

I thoroughly enjoyed having Neil on the podcast. He’s a passionate advocate for more efficient ways of working, who didn’t stop at seeing this huge need in organisations and businesses but co-created a tool that would help modern workplaces to deliver these efficiencies. 

LINQ has been applied to technology adoption, but it’s also having fantastic application in helping teams improve the quality of their meetings, in reducing ‘busy work’ and improving communication. 

I talked with Neil what type of organisation wouldn’t benefit from this approach, how quickly the change happens and the size of impact using LINQ can make to time and money.  Each of these areas is nothing short of impressive.

– Nina

“The change happens immediately in the room. The number of times I’ve started to model things and people say, ‘Ah, why on earth do we do that?’ “ Neil Calvert

Key moments

3:02 – What are the consequences of poor change implementation?

4:16 – What problem does LINQ solve?

5:46 – When someone realises the connection point

11:01 – How the LINQ tool dramatically improves team efficiency

13:53 – The trigger to motivate process changes

15:46 – How digital twins enable organisations to work smoother, faster

18:50 – How LINQ meets the challenge of hybrid work

28:15 – How modelling causes organisations to achieve more with the same level of resource

30:28 – Who would not benefit from the LINQ tool

36:31 – Where is a starting point for tips, tools, and frameworks to manage the value of information

Connect with Neil

Find Neil on LinkedIn or visit his website

Resources mentioned in the show

Infonomics by Doug Laney – How to take an asset management approach to information; measurement, management and monetisation of information

Data Juice by Doug Laney – 101 stories about how organisations are squeezing value from their data

Systems thinking in practice at Open University

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