Three top moments that matter for collaborating when hybrid with Nina Fountain

Real estate can be a powerful source of competitive advantage. When leaders want to make it so.

McKinsey recently said that the first step is to determine the corporate metrics and objectives that you want to achieve. The next is to identify the moments that matter for employees, suppliers, and customers to achieve those metrics and objectives.

Drawing on over a decade of experience with supporting leaders to maximise the benefits of flexible workplaces, there are three generic moments that matter. Every organisation could start by considering these. 

In this podcast, I share two keys in how we think about communication when working hybrid, the three moments that matter – meetings, important conversations and opportunities for connection, and one simple tool that supports us to communicate more effectively in each of these moments. 

Because communication shouldn’t be hard. 

– Nina

We've been showing leaders how to build sustainable flexible workplaces for over a decade

“The change happens immediately in the room. The number of times I’ve started to model things and people say, ‘Ah, why on earth do we do that?’ “ Neil Calvert

Key moments

0:30 – What the background work is behind top three moments that matter in the hybrid workplace

2:40 – How to understand the complexity of a problem

4:10 – Unpacking communication

6:47 – Who is most challenged by social cues

7:33 – How availability of information impacts hybrid teams

8:14 – What moments matter for remote collaboration

9:20 – The impact and purpose of meetings

12:45 – How collaboration has a degree of uncertainty that is not formulaic

14:50 – What the difficulty of communication is and how to get rich layers of meaning

16:34 – How to apply insight in communication to the top three moments that matter in hybrid workplaces


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