Succeeding at leadership communication in the hybrid workplace with Vanessa Tanicien

Vanessa Tanicien is an expert in cross-functional collaboration and strategy. She has facilitated 1000+ workshops, events,  team-building activities, and strategy sessions for executives and teams. 

When I first heard Vanessa speak, I was impressed with her ability to distill some of the core challenges of hybrid communication into bite-size concepts we can work with. 

Vanessa had a bunch of practical insights for leaders, including these two key concepts: 

  • Deblurring – how to remove confusion so that you and your team can stay aligned
  • Email crafting for negativity bias – how to manage emails for the best outcome, once you’re aware of how they come across

Leaders are potentially too drained and stressed to pay attention to these challenges and shape a positive response to hybrid work. Focusing on the right measures – lead measures vs. lag measures, can often yield better results for teams, and thereby reduce stress.

This episode is bound to interest you if you’re looking to get a handle on the internal experience of communication in a hybrid world, and how that could be limiting the effectiveness of your leadership style at this time. 

“People aren’t being their most effective, fruitful selves in a meeting if [we’re] not being intentional.” Vanessa Tanicien

Key moments

5:28 – How leaders should be thinking about their business strategy in these hybrid times

10:12 – The useful concept of deblurring for hybrid team leadership

14:54 – Why we read emails in our meanest voices

17:24 – Main drivers that are shaping leaders response to hybrid work right now

18:20 – What is allostatic load?

19:44 – Reactivity vs. responsiveness

23:22 – How fundamental attribution error impacts individuals in an organisation

26:50 – How outcome thinking impairs decision making

29:06 – Why people would skip meetings

31:55 – How to be an effective communicator in a hybrid environment

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