It’s the ideas John West rejects that makes John West the best

I was talking with a business colleague today about ideas. We have ideas coming out of our ears and flowing off our fingertips almost constantly.

When I led a larger team in the Australian Public Service, ideas still flowed freely, although the situation and ‘infrastructure’ of my organisation and my team’s ways of working were completely different.

The problem we share is not the lack of ideas but the perennial ‘lack of time’ to implement them. It doesn’t take long before overwhelm threatens.

Josh Kauffman, author of The First 20 hours and The Personal MBA, keeps a list of over 200 books he wants to read, so I feel that I’m in good company. I am incredibly grateful for the education and resources that have helped me get to this point of abundance.

Thankfully the answer is just a question of decision-making.

If I choose my guiding principles right up front then I can develop a degree of comfort with jettisoning some of those great ideas.

Here is the graph I am using to sort the good from the bad. Leadership teams alike may also find it useful in your individual or team planning:

Experience has taught me that when I park ideas that don’t make the first pass through this graph, those small ideas may develop into something actually worth spending time on.

On the other hand, sometimes they become irrelevant. Either way, I win.

Reminds me of the John West ad – it’s the ideas we reject that make us the best.

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