The secret to productive workspace design

Workplaces that are a poor fit to the nature of the work create unproductive people. That makes a bad workplace fit an organisational issue that affects productivity. 

On the other hand, research has clearly shown that workplace satisfaction is strongly correlated with performance. 

Workplace Strategists align your workplace with your business strategy. They design an approach that will help you use one of your most expensive assets – your building – productively. They usually focus on your workspaces: the physical buildings and their features.  

At Transformed Teams our approach to workplace strategy is different. We learn what your organisation needs by attending to your workforce, alongside your workspace. We are not architects, interior designers or property consultants. Instead we focus on the vision, design principles and key success factors your organisation will need in place to create a productive workplace. We are not focused so much on the latest design trends, as on creating a future-proof workplace that will stand the test of time to ensure your workforce is productive. 

You might wonder how we can design workspaces when we are not interior designers. In fact, we leave the physical design to the architects and interior designers. Our role is to establish the design principles that will inform your physical design – we provide an expert view on the list of requirements that will give your architects or interior designers clarity about how to shape your design. How many meeting rooms will you need? What functionality should they have? How many workstations? What should the office look like in a highly collaborative, flexible work style? Which work settings will support that? What will you need in the office if you opt for a fixed work style without any mobility?

It may be a surprise to learn that Property and Architecture teams do not usually incorporate a deep knowledge of the nature of work into their assumptions. In fact, our work is often a relief to architects and interior designers, who are just waiting for a clear steer from the organisation. Getting that clear steer can be the hard part. That’s why our role is critical – we facilitate the conversation at the leadership table that will establish your vision, goals and key success factors to achieve them. We bring into that process key insights into your workforce and the nature of their work, informed by the research on modern, flexible workplaces.   

As you can see, we are not an HR agency nor a people and culture firm. We create productive flexible workplaces through transformational workplace strategy and design. We get great results because we are combining two domains that are not usually combined – we bring deep insights into the people factors at play in the modern workplace, so you can offer an excellent Workplace Experience. 

Apple’s success was the result of Steve Jobs’ love of both design and technology, and his ability to combine the two. We aspire to do something similar for you and your workplace – we combine workplace design thinking with a deep knowledge of teamwork, communication and flexible work to create something that gets you transformational results. 

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