The future of hybrid workplaces with Anna Hill

Interior designers are not just glorified cushion shoppers. We bust this myth and find out how Anna Hill manages the design process for her corporate workplace clients. Anna is the Principal Interior Design Lead at well-known New Zealand architecture firm Jasmax. 

Anna shares the emerging post-pandemic trends in workspace design to give listeners a clear idea of how to change their workspaces to keep up with the modern workplace. 

We talk about why firms would use Interior Designers and Architects vs. creating their own designs. We talk about the contribution of workspaces to the company brand. We discuss what clients are asking for now, and the new normal that is emerging. 

This episode is a fun insight into the artistic and very practical world of Interior Design, when we discover how to design for the future of hybrid workplaces. 

It’s the next evolution of Activity Based Working. The mobile worker or workplace has been tested quite rigorously over the last sort of decade. And now with COVID, we’ve seen the ability to really successfully work from home or work from the bach or work from the cafe and then also work in the office. That hybrid model has been tested quite quickly and proven to work.” Anna Hill

Key moments

1:10 – Anna’s background

5:08 – Mythbusting: What Interior Designers are not

9:38 – Mindshift change to hybrid in a post-pandemic world

11:57 – Global trends that are emerging to attract people back to the office

15:26 – Biophilic design – what is it and what does it add? 

19:02 – Worst thing to do for a flexible workspace where you’re seeking to encourage wellness

22:49 – What clients think about utilising technology in a workspace

26:00 – What are people after in creating a better Workplace Experience?

30:32 – The process of creating workplaces employees want to return to

33:46 – The consequences of shortcutting the design process

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Anna on LinkedIn | Jasmax

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