Behind the scenes at The Workspace Connection

Hi, my name is Nina Fountain and I am the Founder and Workplace Strategist at Transformed Teams. 

I have never done an ‘insider tour’, so it seems like it was about time. 

Our global team

We have an amazing global team, we work internationally between the USA, New Zealand and recently the UK. And we have never met together in person. We thoroughly understand the challenges and opportunities of remote working and how to manage them to our advantage. We have shared some of these tips in other posts.

Our amazing team consists of: 

  • Hayley is our designer. With her teaching background, Hayley assists with instructional design, as well as branding, website, presentations and graphics. Hayley is a surprise package – you never know what else she knows, and how else she can help. 
  • Morgan is our photographer and videographer. Morgan studied leadership in the creative arts and brings her vivid sense of humour to liven up our team meetings, and her strong sense of responsibility to everything she does.
  • Karlene is our social researcher. Karlene has worked with start ups and large corporates, to test ideas and listen to what people are really saying. She is an asset for understanding where teams are at, and how organisations can improve their working situations

Our point of difference

Transformed Teams is different from other workplace strategy, workplace management and workplace culture agencies. 

We have deep expertise in the people and culture aspects of collaborative, flexible work styles and work spaces that leaders have come to depend on since a pandemic disrupted our work.

We work across strategy and implementation. And we think wholistically, about mindset and culture – your ‘ways of working’, but also about what you need from your workspaces and technology, your processes and systems.

We understand transformation – and we get incredible results. I pioneered a unique process that achieves team transformation in four months.

Our clients

Our clients are leaders of, and in, medium to large businesses and organisations. 

We work with leaders who have a vision for fantastic teamwork: where their teams can deliver results that are a cut above through being more aligned, committed and collaborative. We help bring that transformation dream to reality.

Our values

Our values are our character and our way of doing things – they are defining elements of our culture and flags that help decide the way forward. 

Our values are Trust, Results and Longevity

Practically, this means that… 

  • We work with you and your teams in a way that builds strong, lasting, trusting working relationships.
  • We only do things that we know will deliver incredible results
  • We think ahead to how we can continue to develop our offerings and be here to serve you in years to come.

So the question to ask is are you doing something truly inspiring, or just maintaining your status quo?

If you are ready to transform your teams, let’s talk. Schedule an Information Call today to find out more.

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