Not all workplace transformation specialists are alike

If you are looking to create a workplace that is a cut above, you need to know the role of a Workplace Strategist. Not all Workplace Strategists are created equal.

What is a Workplace Strategist?

2020 and beyond is the time of the Workplace Strategist. This person brings together insights across property, technology and culture – to create workplaces where people can do their best work. Or at least, that’s what they should do.

Workplace Strategists are usually architecture or property professionals, who can help you design a beautiful building and workspace. But the challenges of today’s remote and in-house work environments require so much more. 

New thinking in Workplace Strategy

Recently people have become incredibly confident with mobile communication technologies, so that there is now a strong drive for a wide range of flexible working styles.

To achieve this dynamic, collaborative and adaptable way of working, leaders and teams need new thinking and a fresh approach. Leaders now realise that it is critical to build the right mindset and team culture. Getting the best workplace results is not just about your workspace design and mobile technology.

Recently leaders have asked me to:

  • Work with their large organisation to design their future workplace
  • Create an office space that is fit-for-purpose for 60 mobile employees
  • Support hundreds of People Leaders to implement successful flexible work arrangements

Achieve top-level results with your people

That might seem like a diverse list but each piece of work answers the question: “How can our workplace and our workspaces support our people to do their best work?”

One of the answers to this question is along the lines of “Design a better office”. Another answer is “Use better technology”.  The best answer is different to both of these: “Adjust our mindset and behaviours, plus do those other two just as well”.

My background is in the applied science of communication – a discipline closely linked with psychology. I wrote the leading framework for strategic flexibility – flexible work styles that make sense for organisations. I’ve worked with employers to create flexible workspaces and work styles since 2011. 

As a business leader and Organisational Development professional I focus on transformational strategies that create high performance, because I am driven by a vision of work that is enjoyable and rewarding. This vision becomes real in high performing teams and workplaces.

When you need a Workplace Strategist

In short, my perspective on Workplace Strategy is unique. This perspective is highly valuable if you are looking to understand how to:

  • Fully utilise your building and mobile technology to achieve productivity and culture gains
  • Move to a first class collaborative and flexible workplace culture
  • Achieve a workplace transformation that creates fit-for-purpose office spaces and work styles

As a leader of people ask yourself, “Are we simply doing the norm? Or are we doing something that is truly inspiring?” 

If you are ready to transform your teams, let’s talk. Schedule an Information Call today to find out more.

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