This is why a large government employer decided to work with us

Leaders now have an opportunity to redesign their workplace to suit a new way of working. 

It’s also clear that if leaders don’t face this challenge they will see productivity challenges and empty offices. 

One of our current clients came to us because their current workspace felt like an expensive waste of resources – rooms and desks were sitting empty. They knew that a workspace redesign would be smart business, but couldn’t be sure they were getting the right advice about what their people really need, to make the investment worthwhile. 

Working together with them, we will reshape their ways of working and workspaces around what businesses and people really need. 

We take a different approach to helping you design your workplace. We work top-down and bottom-up to help you land your requirements for your new workspace design. We work alongside your interior designers to ensure that the design reflects what you and your business actually want and need. We then support your people to deliver the new ways of working that you envisage, involving all the functional areas that play a role – from your HR and Organisational Development teams to your Facilities teams. We help the whole project align around a vision that will actually deliver the new ways of working you want. 

In short, our workplace strategy advice and process makes ways of working and workspaces fit for purpose. We use transformational tactics, to achieve incredible results.

We recently enabled an employer to reduce their workstations by 35%, while establishing a new normal of collaboration. 

Our current client is already benefiting from our understanding of the drivers that create a fantastic workplace experience. They are now considering workplace elements they would never have thought impact the success of their workspace and workplace redesign. 

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