What employers are saying right now about their workplace challenges

Listening to CEOs and business owners, we are hearing that new ways of working have brought in some workplace issues. 

One of the biggest challenges CEOs are facing at the moment is the variety of ways that staff work. The situation is no longer simple. People have different needs and their work situation is now more complex, as they work dynamically between the home, the office and other work spaces. People want their leaders to embrace feedback about this. 

Our social researcher, Karline de Boer, is finding that some organisations are doing this well. They are also doing it differently – breaking out of traditional ways of engaging with their teams. Instead they’re working co-creatively together to come up with ideas and solutions. They’re increasing their transparency, and embracing an active conversation. 

Karline works with Transformed Teams to conduct occupancy studies, surveys and tailored conversations that can help your business discover what you need to know.Our Activity Based Working review recently enabled a government client to make clear recommendations to their leadership team about how to adjust their workspace and team norms for flexible working.

We believe the key insights leaders need to establish right now are how their employees and contractors are using their space and how they’re working remotely.  

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