Another year like this won’t do

Will this year be like last year?

At the end of 2020 you probably heard this so often – “Hopefully it will be a better year next year”. So as 2021 has kicked off, people everywhere are anticipating a return to some sort of normal. 

However in late January this year Telstra CEO Andy Penn said to an Australian audience “Unfortunately there is every chance that 2021 will be even more uncertain than 2020. I’ve never felt less certain about what direction our world will take from here, and I know I’m not alone in that.” 

As one of Australia’s most prominent CEOs, he takes the view that “There’s not going to be a nice neat glide path back to normal – new ways of working and technology-driven change are only going to increase from here.” 

Perhaps you’ve been focused on your strategy to get through this disruption, hoping that things will return to normal. Perhaps the idea of another year like the last, or worse, is not just annoying, it’s painful.  

From my point of view, that puts an urgency on decisions about ways of working. These decisions can be complex. Yet they can’t wait another year, or even another week.

Because a great team, working productively, requires a strong Workplace Experience. And in times of uncertainty you need a great team more than ever. 

Avoidable workplace mistakes

I am hearing complaints about meetings – virtual meetings that are ineffective and too difficult. Leaders have been thrown by the challenge of hybrid meetings – some people in the office, some people at home. 

There are workspaces that now feel like an expensive waste of resources – rooms and desks that sit empty.  

Perhaps you are among the many finding that meeting rooms are now overbooked, with many of the occupants single individuals taking video calls. 

You could unlock the potential of your workplace to drive productivity. You could use your workplace constructively.

The decisions you make about ways of working and how you will transform your workplace should be near-term decisions. 

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