This client wanted a collaborative workplace

In 2021, employers are seriously rethinking their workplace strategy. I am hearing it everywhere. 

There is a costly inconsistency between newly mobile, remote, flexibly working teams and the current fixed, inflexible office spaces that many employers find themselves in. 

People are coming into the office and finding it half empty, and less fit for purpose. Rows and rows of allocated desks aren’t a particularly good way to encourage collaboration. 

So some employers might decide to do away with fixed workstations altogether and move to an unallocated model, but then time can be wasted when people struggle to find each other, connect and get their work done. So what do you do?

Some might introduce ‘collaborative’ furniture and hope that does the trick, but then discover shortly after installation that although it looks super cool, people hardly ever use it. What a waste. 

The best leaders will want to get this workplace transformation right, so it achieves a deliberate and genuine boost in collaboration.

How do you measure collaboration?

We recently took on a client whose workplace vision is a perfect example of what a lot of leaders want to achieve right now. 

This client came to us because they wanted to modernise their workplace, increase efficiency and encourage more cross-functional interactions.

Thankfully, they found a Workplace Strategist with a strong understanding of flexible and collaborative work styles. Together, we decided to explore, develop and implement a workplace design that delivers: 

  1. Reduced ‘dead time’– e.g. walking to meet people
  2. Improved collaboration, including more cross-functional interaction

The difference working with Transformed Teams makes is that we are only interested in delivering transformational strategies – using transformational change to achieve significant leaps forward. 

And we measure the results. We don’t give you platitudes about collaboration and tempt you to sign off a huge budget, without knowing whether you’ll get what you paid for. That’s not what we’re about. 

So if you are exploring how to transform your team, schedule an Information Call today to find out more about our services.

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