We created an ABW environment with 35% fewer desks

It seems that the workspaces we inherited from 2019 no longer suit the work style of many organisations and businesses. As a result, People aren’t coming into the office, there are complaints about lack of meeting rooms and new ways of working aren’t working. 

The client’s challenge

This large employer with city offices in Auckland and Wellington needed to consolidate several city locations in both cities. One office in each city would improve collaboration across business areas. To make it work, they needed to fit more people into less space.

Transformed Teams solution

We defined the future direction, delivered workplace strategy and worked closely with the supporting business areas, including providing People and Culture support.

Our skill in quickly connecting with all members of the organisation meant we heard all issues and could formulate a wholistic approach to workplace transformation. This ensured the organisation’s vision would be delivered by Facilities, Technology and HR teams working together. We loved this project and value the staff who asked us to “Come back again.”

The result for our client

This large employer was able to provide a dynamic collaborative work hub for their people, whilst reducing the number of desks by 35%. The resulting reduction in floor space meant they now pay less rent.

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