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Our focus: a workplace strategy that’s unique to you

https://youtu.be/xbwA6tTOF08 “Working with The Workspace Connection has been unbelievable… From the high level, big picture thinking right down to the detail of choosing the right types of furniture. I would highly recommend working with [them].” Caroline Palmer Project Manager Mobility Project | Department of Corrections Schedule an Information Call today to find out more about

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The secret to productive workspace design

https://youtu.be/g0H5bm5EdOE Workplaces that are a poor fit to the nature of the work create unproductive people. That makes a bad workplace fit an organisational issue that affects productivity.  On the other hand, research has clearly shown that workplace satisfaction is strongly correlated with performance.  Workplace Strategists align your workplace with your business strategy. They design

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The dollar impact of a poor Workplace Experience

“People adapt – but if they’re going to be disrupted by a workplace change, we can’t help that.” I can see this way of thinking. It’s the point of view that people can be difficult and they can behave in ways that aren’t helpful – you wouldn’t be alive if you haven’t experienced an unhelpful,

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We created an ABW environment with 35% fewer desks

https://youtu.be/LsDr3H6mhy8 It seems that the workspaces we inherited from 2019 no longer suit the work style of many organisations and businesses. As a result, People aren’t coming into the office, there are complaints about lack of meeting rooms and new ways of working aren’t working.  The client’s challenge This large employer with city offices in

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What replaces the water cooler in a hybrid team?

https://youtu.be/LUwnrXqOQG8 Prominent leaders are concerned about the impact of remote working on their team culture: “Maybe we are burning some of the social capital we built up,”  said Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella last year. Closer to home, I hear a consistent comment from leaders and their teams about a major downside of remote working –

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Decent work, worth striving for

https://youtu.be/ks0yiYYS6uo Having a bad day? You’re not alone. Seven out of ten of your peers are also having a bad day at work.  In my life, I can think of at least three times when an accumulation of bad days has started me re-considering my commitment to my employer.  You start thinking “Is it worth

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