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Remember these keys to success when reconfiguring your office space

https://youtu.be/lz8mYfrVUEg Many leadership teams are reconsidering the physical layout and features of their office space. People have shown that working from home can be more productive, so why would we dampen that productivity? Why wouldn’t we instead make it easier to use the office for collaboration, and the home office for concentration?  The Harvard Business

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How to keep teamwork strong after a long time working remotely

https://youtu.be/pUcvEbhZ2ew Leaders are feeling uncertain about their teams working flexibly and remotely. Many are concerned about their teams ways of working and how they can manage without a remote workplace strategy in place. You might be thinking that you were just lucky to get through the last six months with an intact team. Perhaps some

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Three best practices for communicating change effectively

Change is inevitable for remote teams. Teams that show the most adaptability and resilience in moments of change share one common quality: clear, consistent communication.  Your challenge is to adapt to the evolving landscape of remote work, supporting your team as they adjust to necessary changes to their ways of working. It won’t always be

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You don’t need a flexible work policy, you need this

One of the most popular enquiries I received from my network during COVID-19 was for advice on flexible work policies. Leadership teams wanting to adjust to the times said “We need to update our flexible work policy.” For sure – the last thing you want is a policy that falls over. But there’s a secret

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Lockdown masked the true challenge of flexible and remote work

Flexible work has become part of our ‘new normal’ The changes created during COVID-19 have become a catalyst for teams to consider long-term improvements to their ways of working.  We created unprecedented support systems for team members to productively work from home. Now that many of the constraints caused by COVID-19 are subsiding, leaders are

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Save money through remote work, but beware of this

A colleague with a software business told me recently there is a strong theme in what his leadership team is concerned about right now. The question keeping them awake at night is “Should I introduce remote work?” Perhaps that sounds familiar. After working from home en masse, many a business executive has begun to notice

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