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Why round rooms are the next thing in clever workplace design – Dr Oliver Baumann

What’s the connection between space and memory? Dr. Oliver Baumann has spent some time studying the intricate relationship between space and psychology, including memory.

Doing so led him to an interest in the effect of space on creativity, wellbeing and productivity.

In research just published, a clear link has been established between the shape of a workspace and the creativity that people can experience there. Round rooms make people more creative.

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“Now, executives are saying, unless I'm working from home three days a week, I'm not interested. So [flexibility] has massively impacted employers ability to attract and retain good people because now people are used to having that ability.”

What executive recruitment trends show about what employees want – Richard Triggs

Richard Triggs, Managing Partner of executive recruitment firm Arete Executive, shares valuable insights on recruitment and leadership in the modern workplace.

With a unique journey from musician to recruitment leader, Triggs discusses the resilience of the recruitment industry, its adaptation to crises like the Global Financial Crisis and COVID-19, and the shift towards remote work.

Triggs highlights the flexibility of employers in response to these changes, such as a Tasmanian company hiring nationally without requiring relocation.

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Workplace Makers guest Lizzi Whaley, CEO of SpaceWorks

Innovating modern workplace design to attract people to the office with SpaceWorks CEO Lizzi Whaley

In an era where all kinds of designers are offering to provide the most human-centred solution, it is nice to speak with someone who puts people at the heart of workplace design.
Lizzi Whaley, CEO of Spaceworks and Interior Designer, blends innovation with human considerations. Her journey into design began a little unconventionally. A stint at a paint company exposed her to the world of colour and established her interest in interior design.
Lizzi argues that for a design to be successful, it must be both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

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Workplace Makers guest Ivan Chew, Senior Workplace Strategist

Why price-sensitive workplace projects need higher-quality people data, with Workplace Strategist Ivan Chew

These days, everyone is a Workplace Strategist. If you’re running a workplace project you can turn in any direction and find someone promising to deliver a Workplace Strategy, but not necessarily a good one.

I recently had an illuminating chat with Ivan Chew, an independent Senior Workplace Strategist. As a Workplace Strategist myself, we had a bit to chat about.

Ivan brings a background in building and construction as a Quantity Surveyor (QS) and Project Manager (PM), meaning that he knows what it costs to deliver a workplace project.

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Building the attractive modern workplace with executive Ben Whitehouse

Building the attractive modern workplace with executive Ben Whitehouse

Is it possible to redefine the concept of a workplace and build a more genuine, people-centred environment?

I had a refreshing conversation with Ben Whitehouse recently. Ben is the Chief Workplace and Sustainability Officer at the Civil Aviation Authority of New Zealand – this is the large regulatory body ensuring the smooth running of New Zealand’s aviation industry. No small task.

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John Baldoni Workplace Makers podcast guest

How to lead today’s changing hybrid workplace with top leadership thinker John Baldoni

In the latest episode of the Workplace Makers podcast, we talk with John Baldoni, who is a luminary in the field of leadership and management. He has written 16 books, translated into ten languages and I was thrilled to have him on the show.
In working with leaders during and pre- the hybrid world of work, John has come to see the need for ‘grace,’ especially in times of crisis. Grace is intentional acts of kindness, distinct from mere empathy or compassion.

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Techhost and meeting facilitator Heather Leavitt Martinez

Techhost and meeting facilitator Heather Leavitt Martinez

Online meetings, love them or hate them, have a central role in building cultures where engagement is at the heart.  In the last few years it is no surprise that there has been a much greater focus on the details of excellent execution in online meeting facilitation. With good reason – people can easily become disengaged through poorly managed online

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