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Unleashing creativity in hybrid teams with Elise Keith and Dave Mastronardi

Elise Keith and Dave Mastrionardi are running a massive global experiment to define the new rules for work.  They’re asking questions about how teams can work best now that we’re managing distance, and co-location.  With Elise’s experience in running meetings that work, and Dave’s background in consulting using games, this conversation was bound to be

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Casting a vision effectively through story with Parker Lee

https://youtu.be/g0sZyWA97lE It’s not often I talk with a guest who was the agent for a world-class athlete. That makes Parker Lee very interested in high performance – he discovered that it’s the brain, not the way you train, that makes a difference.  Parker is now the Global Managing Partner at Territory, a strategy, innovation, transformation

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Succeeding at leadership communication in the hybrid workplace with Vanessa Tanicien

https://youtu.be/JF2Ki4JM6l4 Vanessa Tanicien is an expert in cross-functional collaboration and strategy. She has facilitated 1000+ workshops, events,  team-building activities, and strategy sessions for executives and teams.  When I first heard Vanessa speak, I was impressed with her ability to distill some of the core challenges of hybrid communication into bite-size concepts we can work with. 

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Achieve instant change in hybrid teams with Neil Calvert

https://youtu.be/t3Fo4RcnzyY  Most leaders of hybrid workplaces don’t realise the inefficiencies created by hybrid, which are the reason project timelines stretch out, teams become siloed and frustration levels climb. Neil Calvert takes a fantastically useful approach to helping organisations change their systems and processes, including the way hybrid teams communicate and manage their information.  I thoroughly enjoyed

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Five emerging traps for hybrid workplaces with Cris Popp

https://youtu.be/ByAUgKnzqvA Cris is an advisor and culture consultant for hybrid workplaces.  He’s done everything from establish an Australian-based biotech firm, to work as an ABC journalist and somehow acquired seven postgraduate qualifications along the way, in everything from e-commerce and business to the arts.  Cris specialises in talent development for leaders of hybrid teams, supported

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Human Centred Design with James Dellow

https://youtu.be/gC1vjX7UInw James Dellow helps all kinds of businesses create human-centred workplaces. He has an interest in what happens when we don’t keep track of the knowledge we’re creating, using, adapting and working with in our organisations, and sees a particular issue with this in the hybrid world. One issue is about how people learn, and

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