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How To Avoid Financial Drain in Remote Meetings

Have you ever calculated exactly what a meeting costs your business?  For those of you that haven’t, the results may be shocking. Even if you’re a business owner with a relatively small sized team, your average weekly ‘catch up’ could be costing you $500 per hour. And now with new ways of working, and working from home becoming ‘the new

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Two Important Steps in Building A Successful Remote Team

Technology isn’t the only ingredient to a successful work from home team. Yes, it is hugely significant to the way you will communicate, share and collaborate with one another but there is obviously a human element in this equation.  We’ve been through the different technological options, which are your tools for remote work but now it’s time for us to

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Working from Home: The Tools You Need

With Working From Home (WFH) becoming the ‘new normal’, many businesses, leadership teams and employees are having to transition into ways of working that are completely unfamiliar. This can be a challenging and intimidating time – especially for those of us who aren’t tech savvy.  The Workspace Connection’ main objective is helping businesses implement remote work. We thought it would

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How to lead your team to survive the first two weeks of working remotely

The Workspace Connection’ Workplace Strategist Nina Fountain has written a blog post about surviving working remotely during this time of unprecedented stress and upheaval.  Over the past three weeks the COVID-19 pandemic is changing the way employers work, whether they were prepared or not. Remote working can have significant benefits when managed effectively, including the potential to increase productivity and

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Helping your business create a successful remote workplace

Expert workplace culture consultant Nina Fountain is here to help with advice on how to build a workplace strategy that will help you keep your leadership teams and employees connected while they are working from home.  This was a customised webinar to specifically help with your questions.  Helping you make working from home, work.  Schedule an Information Call today to

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The role of tech in team trust

Technology is rapidly changing who we trust and how we get to that point, and in a world where teams are working remotely, leadership teams need to understand how trust is built even when time spent face-to-face is minimal. A team without trust isn’t a team: it’s just a group of people, working together, often making poor progress. They may

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Don’t make these rookie errors when leading a dispersed team

Being liberated from an office has significant benefits, but if you get it wrong, you could undermine the benefits you hoped for. The modern workforce is flexible, it’s remote, and the challenges for leadership teams have evolved. However, it doesn’t mean they can’t be overcome. Each industry, organisation and team will have its unique challenges, but there are a few which

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Leadership lessons: five critical success factors for distributed teams

In my last article, I talked about the power of camaraderie in distributed teams; an often overlooked aspect of teamwork that is pivotal for the success of your business. Today I build on that by outlining the five critical success factors of a distributed workplace strategy. As a leader today, you are no doubt watching the proliferation of distributed teams.

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