People building workplaces that attract a crowd

This is why a large government employer decided to work with us

https://youtu.be/ggMOBiSE4AM Leaders now have an opportunity to redesign their workplace to suit a new way of working.  It’s also clear that if leaders don’t face this challenge they will see productivity challenges and empty offices.  One of our current clients came to us because their current workspace felt like an expensive waste of resources – rooms and desks were sitting

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What employers are saying right now about their workplace challenges

https://youtu.be/dFFNPfOe6RY Listening to CEOs and business owners, we are hearing that new ways of working have brought in some workplace issues.  One of the biggest challenges CEOs are facing at the moment is the variety of ways that staff work. The situation is no longer simple. People have different needs and their work situation is now more complex, as they

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Another year like this won’t do

Will this year be like last year? At the end of 2020 you probably heard this so often – “Hopefully it will be a better year next year”. So as 2021 has kicked off, people everywhere are anticipating a return to some sort of normal.  However in late January this year Telstra CEO Andy Penn said to an Australian audience

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This client wanted a collaborative workplace

https://youtu.be/p8U_L2rPwfw In 2021, employers are seriously rethinking their workplace strategy. I am hearing it everywhere.  There is a costly inconsistency between newly mobile, remote, flexibly working teams and the current fixed, inflexible office spaces that many employers find themselves in.  People are coming into the office and finding it half empty, and less fit for purpose. Rows and rows of

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Workplace wellbeing hack for challenging circumstances

https://youtu.be/PO4O_EEkOMw Conditions in our teams can sometimes add to our negative stress. You might be in a difficult season or have a tricky personality in the team. There could be a clear misalignment. Perhaps you need to make a major strategic shift and you’re concerned about the impact on the team. Perhaps your team members are doing it tough and

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Behind the scenes at The Workspace Connection

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HJ-abfLP_GE&t=22s Hi, my name is Nina Fountain and I am the Founder and Workplace Strategist at The Workspace Connection.  I have never done an ‘insider tour’, so it seems like it was about time.  Our global team We have an amazing global team, we work internationally between the USA, New Zealand and recently the UK. And we have never met

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Not all workplace transformation specialists are alike

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ss2HFZwcZOY&feature=youtu.be If you are looking to create a workplace that is a cut above, you need to know the role of a Workplace Strategist. Not all Workplace Strategists are created equal. What is a Workplace Strategist? 2020 and beyond is the time of the Workplace Strategist. This person brings together insights across property, technology and culture – to create workplaces

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